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Terms of Service 

CDSD's App Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose) 

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define the rights and obligations, liabilities, and other necessary matters between the operator and members regarding the use of the CDSD App service (hereinafter referred to as the 'Service') provided by the Singapore CDSD (hereinafter referred to as the 'Operator').

Article 2 (Specification, Explanation and Revision of Terms and Conditions) 

① The contents of these terms and conditions will be posted on the operator's initial screen. Also, the contents of the terms and conditions will be made available to users through the connection screen. 
② The operator shall have the right to change or modify the Terms of Service to the extent that they do not violate related laws of the 「Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions」, and the 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.」.
③ If the operator revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the revision will be notified on the website's initial or pop-up screen, along with the current terms and conditions.

Article 3 (Definition of Terms)

The terms used here are as follows.
1. Member: A person who accepts these terms and conditions and signs a service contract with the operator.
2. ID: An e-mail address that a member registers for member identification and service use.
3. Password: A combination of letters and numbers approved by the operator to verify the identity of the member and to protect the member’s information.
4. Referrer Code: A unique code given to a member when registering.
5. Referrer: A member that matches the referrer code entered when registering.
6. Rewards: A reward given electronically for providing information.
7. Membership Level: A membership level given by the administrator.
8. Direct registration: The act of a member taking a photo and receiving a reward.
9. Code Registration: The act of a member who has signed up for membership entering another member's referral code and providing a photo and receiving a reward.

Article 4 (Establishment of the Usage Agreement)

① The user shall apply for membership by filling out the member information according to the registration form determined by the operator and express his / her intention to agree to these terms.
② Member registration is when the consent of the operator reaches the member.
③ The usage contract is concluded in member ID units. When the usage contract is established, the applicant for use is registered as a member.
④ A member who is falsely enrolled using an alias or stealing personal information such as another person's name, phone number, etc. shall not be liable for legal protection, and all civil and criminal liabilities are to the registered member.
⑤ The use of the rewards service may be restricted to minors under the legal age.
⑥ If the user is from a country that is non-compliant with the international standards announced by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), or a citizen, permanent resident or resident of a non-cooperating country or region, the use of the service may be restricted. The user warrants the following:
1. The user shall not be from a country non-compliant with international standards, nor be a citizen, permanent resident or resident from a non-cooperative country.
2. The user shall not use the service while staying in a non-cooperative country that does not meet international standards. 
⑦ In the application according to section 1, the operator may request real name verification and personal authentication through a specialized institution according to the type of user, if necessary, under relevant laws and regulations. If the user refuses the operator’s request, the operator shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused by the user being unidentified.

Article 5 (Application for Use)

① The application for use is made online by recording the required items in the application form prescribed by the operator.
② In the event of entering information that is different from the facts, false information, or if it is found to be such information in the future, the operator may temporarily suspend the use of the service or permanently suspend the user account and terminate the agreement. As a result, the member shall be liable for any damages incurred to the operator or a third party.

Article 6 (Acceptance of Application for Use)

① The operator shall approve the membership registration if the member applies for the use by accurately filling out all the requirements required by the operator's prescribed subscription application form.
② The operator may withhold consent for the use of the following items. 
1. In the event of technical difficulties. 
2. In the event that it is difficult to approve the use due to the operator’s circumstances.

Article 7 (Suspension and Termination of the Usage Agreement)

① If the member falls under any of the following reasons, the operator shall limit the use of the service for considerable period of time or terminate the use contract.
1. In the event their service ID and password are stolen.
2. In the event of intentionally interrupting the service operation.
3. In the event when members use the service for the purpose of hindering the social public interest.
4. In the event of acts that damage or defame others.
5. In the event of transmitting a large amount of information or advertising for the purpose of interfering with the stability of the operation of the service.
6. In the event of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of communication facilities or destruction of information, etc.
7. In the event of illegal use of another person's private information, user ID and password.
8. In the event the information obtained by using the operator's service information is reproduced or distributed without the prior consent of the operator, or used commercially.
9. In the event of infringement of the intellectual property rights of the operator, other members, or third parties.
10. In the event of when there is a request for correction from an external organization, such as the Korea Communications Commission, or in case of receiving authoritative interpretation by the Election Commission regarding illegal election campaigns. 
11. In the event of collecting, storing, and disclosing personal information about users without their consent.
12. In the event it is objectively judged that the member's use of the service is related to a crime.
13. In the event of acting on behalf of another person for the purpose of obtaining benefits such as rewards.
14. In the event the member's behavior violates other related laws.

② When the operator wishes to limit the use, the reason, date, and duration are determined, and the member is notified by means of writing (including e-mail), phone, or the message function on the homepage. However, if the operator judges that it is necessary to urgently stop using the service, the use of the service may be restricted without the process described in the preceding section.
③ A member notified of the suspension or termination of service may appeal against the suspension or termination of the service.
④ The operator immediately cancels the suspension action only when it is confirmed that the reason for the suspension has been resolved during the suspension period.
⑤ If the termination of usage agreement is confirmed, the operator cancels the membership registration.

Article 8 (Changing Information)

① Only in the event the member information can be modified is when the member directly contacts the administrator, the administrator receives the member's request, and it meets the administrator's regulations.
② The operator shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by not notifying the operator of the changes in section 1.

Article 9 (Obligation to Manage Member ID and Password)

① The member shall be liable for all management of the ID and password. The member is solely liable for any consequences caused by negligence or misuse of the ID and password assigned to the member, and the operator shall not be liable. However, this is not the case if the operator shall be liable through the operator's intention or negligence.
② When a member finds out that his / her ID has been illegally used, the member shall notify the operator and follow the operator's instructions.
③ In the case of section 2, the operator shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by the member not notifying the operator, or not following the operator’s instruction even though he / she had notified the operator.

Article 10 (Provision of Information)

The operator shall provide useful guides and information about products for ease of use for services via wired / wireless telephone, e-mail, text service (LMS / SMS, etc.) In this case, the member may refuse to receive this information at any time. 
1. Events and event related services 
2. Other services that the operator decides from time to time and provides to members.

Article 11 (Types of Services)

① The operator shall provide a reward payment service when members send their skin information and content services (advertising, marketing events, etc.) that it entails.
② Copyright and intellectual property rights for the services provided by the operator belong to the operator.
③ In relation to the service, the operator grants the member only the right to use the account, ID, and reward service according to the conditions set by the operator, and the member shall not provide similar services and commercial activities using it.

Article 12 (Notice and Change of Service Contents)

① The operator shall notify the characteristics, procedures, and methods of each type of service through the service screen, and the member shall understand the information of each service provided by the operator and use the service. 
② When there is a legitimate reason, the operator may change all or part of the individual services it provides in accordance to operational and technical needs. In this case, the operator shall notify the user of the content.

Article 13 (Maintenance and Suspension of Service)

① In principle, the use of the service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a business or technological problem on the operator's side. However, this shall not apply to the day or time set by the operator in advance due to the need for regular maintenance inspections.
② The operator may divide the service into a certain range and set the available time for each range separately. In this case, the contents will be announced in advance.

Article 14 (Protection of Personal Information)

The operator shall protect the member's personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations. The member's personal information shall be used only within the purpose and scope agreed by the member for the provision of the service. The operator does not provide the member's personal information to a third party, unless otherwise ordered by the law or agreed by the member. Details are elaborated on in the privacy policy.

Article 15 (Exemptions and Indemnifications)

① The operator does not guarantee any matters not specified in these terms and conditions in relation to the service. In addition, the operator does not guarantee the value of the rewards provided.
② The operator shall be exempt from being liable for providing services when the service cannot be provided due to other force majeure reasons, such as natural disasters, DDoS attacks, IDC failures, servers down due to a surge in service access, or line failures of the telecommunications operator. However, this is not the case if the operator is liable through the operator's intention or negligence.
③ The operator shall not be liable for the failure of the service due to the member's fault or the result. However, this is not the case in the event the operator is liable through the operator's intention or negligence or if there is a legitimate reason for the user.

Article 16 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

① The Terms of Service are governed and interpreted by the laws of Singapore, and Singapore law applies if a lawsuit arises between the operator and the member regarding the use of the service by the operator.

These terms and conditions go into effect on May 25, 2020.




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